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A full list of our research projects are listed below for your convenience (on numerous pages). Additionally, you may view our projects by regional area, research area or focus, or searching by keyword.

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Aggression is a Symptom of Domoic Acid Poisoning in California Sea Lions
Primary Contact: John Ramsdell Status: Ongoing
An Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in Sediment and Corals in Southwest Puerto Rico
Primary Contact: Tony Pait Completed: November, 2009
Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Database: Construction, Documentation and Use
Primary Contacts: Chris Caldow, David Nelson Completed: February, 2010
A Fast Tool to Detect Toxic Shellfish
Primary Contact: Pat Tester Status: Ongoing
Aquaculture and Eutrophication in Long Island Sound and Great Bay - Piscataqua Estuary
Primary Contact: Suzanne Bricker Completed: January, 2014
Azaspiracid: An Emerging Algal Toxin
Primary Contact: Greg Doucette Status: Ongoing
Acoustic Tracking of Fish Movements in Two Coral Reef Ecosystems in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Primary Contacts: Matt Kendall, Chris Caldow Status: Ongoing
An Ecological Characterization of the Marine Resources of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Primary Contacts: Laurie Bauer, Matt Kendall, Chris Caldow Completed: May, 2010
A Marine Biogeographic Assessment of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Primary Contacts: Alicia Clarke, Mark Monaco Completed: May, 2009
A Management Tool to Reduce Sea Turtle Bycatch in the US Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico Fisheries
Primary Contacts: Ken Buja, Chris Caldow Completed: December, 2006
Analysis of the Distribution and Abundance of Groundfishes to Support the California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
Primary Contacts: Charles Menza, Laurie Bauer, Chris Caldow Completed: August, 2013
Analysis of Marine Ecological Information Gaps in National Parks
Primary Contacts: Dan Dorfman, Tim Battista, Chris Caldow Completed: September, 2011
Assessing Coral Bleaching in Four US Caribbean Managed Areas
Primary Contacts: Kimberly Roberson, Chris Caldow Completed: May, 2006
Assessing Biogeography, Conditions, and Marine Protected Area Efficacy in the Dry Tortugas
Primary Contacts: Chris Jeffrey, Chris Caldow Completed: December, 2012
Are Marine Protected Areas Working in the U.S. Virgin Islands?
Primary Contacts: Chris Jeffrey, Simon Pittman, Chris Caldow Completed: September, 2013