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Information for Merit Reviewers

In order to protect the integrity of the merit review process, NCCOS developed an internal password protected website for merit reviewers. It allows each reviewer to read assigned proposals and associated documents in a secure environment. Completed reviews can be uploaded on the same website.

Mail reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the subjects addressed by particular proposals. Each mail reviewer sees only certain individual proposals within his or her area of expertise, and scores them individually on a scale of one to five as follows:

  1. Excellent (5)
  2. Very Good (4)
  3. Good (3)
  4. Fair (2)
  5. Poor (1)

The peer-review panel is comprised of 3 or more individuals, with each individual having expertise in a separate area, so that the panel, as a whole, covers a range of scientific expertise. The panel will have access to all mail reviews of proposals, and will use the mail reviews in discussion and evaluation of the entire slate of proposals.

All proposals will be evaluated and scored individually. The panel shall rate the proposals using the evaluation criteria and scores provided above and used by the mail reviewers. The individual panelist scores shall be averaged for each application and presented to the Program Manager. No consensus advice will be given by the independent peer mail review or the review panel.