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An Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in Sediment and Corals in Southwest Puerto Rico
Primary Contact: Tony Pait Completed: November, 2009
An Ecological Characterization of the Marine Resources of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Primary Contacts: Laurie Bauer, Matt Kendall, John Christensen Completed: May, 2010
Applied Ecophysiology of Marine Aquaculture Species to Understand Environmental Interactions
Primary Contact: James Morris Completed: May, 2014
Aquaculture and Eutrophication in Long Island Sound and Great Bay – Piscataqua Estuary
Primary Contact: Suzanne Bricker Completed: January, 2014
AquaSpace – An Ecosystem Approach to Making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture
Primary Contact: Suzanne Bricker To be completed: March, 2018
Assessing Contaminants and Diseases in Subsistence Fish and Shellfish Caught from Native Alaskan Harvest Areas
Primary Contact: Dennis Apeti Completed: December, 2013
Assessing Land Based Sources of Pollution in Tinian, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
Primary Contact: David Whitall Status: Ongoing
Assessment of Chemical Contaminants in Sediments and Biota from Cocos Lagoon, Guam
Primary Contacts: Tony Pait, Ian Hartwell, Dennis Apeti Status: Ongoing
Bacterial and Pharmaceutical Pollution from Agricultural Lands in the Chesapeake Bay
Primary Contact: AK Leight Completed: December, 2012
Baseline Assessment of Contaminants and Ecological Resources in Jobos Bay, Puerto Rico
Primary Contacts: David Whitall, Laurie Bauer Completed: December, 2011