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Benthic Habitat Characterization and Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of West Coast Sanctuaries
Primary Contacts: Peter Etnoyer, Brian Kinlan, Charles Menza Completed: September, 2015
Chesapeake Bay Climate Sensitivity Assessment
Primary Contact: Bob Wood Completed: September, 2015
Climate Change Impacts on Intertidal Zone Populations
Primary Contact: Elizabeth Turner Completed: December, 2010
Coastal Ecological Assessments and Indicator Development
Primary Contacts: Cynthia Cooksey, Jeff Hyland, Len Balthis Status: Ongoing
Coastal Water Quality Monitoring and Tool Development
Primary Contact: AK Leight Completed: September, 2016
Ecological Assessment of the Choptank River Complex
Primary Contacts: AK Leight, John Jacobs, Mark Monaco Completed: June, 2016
Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise in North Carolina: Maps, Marshes, and Management Applications
Primary Contact: David Kidwell Completed: December, 2012
Economic Valuation of Shoreline Protection by Natural Infrastructure to a Coastal Community
Primary Contacts: Angela Orthmeyer, Jarrod Loerzel, Maria Dillard To be completed: December, 2016
Epidemiological Modeling and Outbreak Investigations for Marine Wildlife
Primary Contact: Leslie Burdett Hart Completed: December, 2011
Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization – Assessment of the “Living Shoreline” Approach
Primary Contact: Carolyn Currin Status: Ongoing