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Bioavailability and intravenous toxicokinetic parameters for Pacific ciguatoxin P-CTX-1 in rats

Author(s): Ledreux, A.; J.S. Ramsdell


Publication Type: Journal Article

Journal Title: Toxicon

Date of Publication: 2013

Reference Information: 64 81-86

Keywords: ciguatera; ciguatoxin; food poisoning; harmful algal bloom; toxicokinetics; marine Biotoxins; algal toxin; phycotoxin

Abstract: Ciguatoxins are sodium channel activator toxins responsible for ciguatera fish poisoning. In this study, we determined the toxicokinetic parameters of the Pacific ciguatoxin P-CTX-1 in rats after an intravenous (iv) dose of 0.13 ng P-CTX-1 per g of body weight. The ciguatoxin activity was assessed over time in blood using the sensitive functional Neuro2a assay. The data were analyzed with a two-compartmental model. After exposure, the ciguatoxin activity exhibited a rapid (alpha half-life of 6 min) and extensive distribution into tissues (apparent steady state volume of distribution of 7.8 L). Ciguatoxin elimination from blood was slower with a beta half-life estimated at 35.5 h. The toxicokinetic parameters determined from this study were compared to data previously obtained after oral and intraperitoneal exposure of rats to 0.26 ng P-CTX-1 per g of body weight. Maximal bioavailability was determined by the area under the concentration curve, and was used to calculate the absolute P-CTX-1 bioavailabilities for oral and intraperitoneal routes of exposures of 39% and 75%, respectively.