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Developing Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators of Environmental State

Author(s): Nuttle, William; Chris Kelble; Pamela Fletcher


Place of Publication: Miami, Fla.

Publication Type: Report

Date of Publication: 2011

Reference Information: MARES Whitepaper

Extent of Work: 9 pp.

Keywords: MARES; indicators; South Florida; integrated ecosystem assessement

Abstract: This whitepaper describes the approach used to develop quantitative indicators of environmental State in the coastal marine ecosystems of South Florida. The Marine and Estuarine Goal Setting for South Florida (MARES) project is developing a suite of indicators that provides an integrated assessment of the South Florida coastal marine ecosystem. One of the main objectives of the MARES project is to develop a report card on the status of the coastal marine ecosystem of South Florida. Identifying a set of ecosystem indicators is a necessary step toward this objective. Two types of ecosystem indicators are being developed. State indicators, which are the subject of this report, measure the condition of the environmental components of the ecosystem. Human dimensions are the second type of indicators, and these will be covered in a separate report.

Availability: Available from the MARES website ( and from

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