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Publication Details

Some aspects of the life history of Cyprinodon variegatus Lacepede 1803, in Southern Delaware.

Author(s): Warlen, Stanley M.


Center Team: NMFS

Name of Publisher: University of Delaware

Place of Publication: Newark, Delaware

Publication Type: Book

Date of Publication: 1964

Reference Information:

Extent of Work: 43 p.

Abstract: During the period, May 12, 1962 to December 20, 1962, 5740 specimens of Cyprinodon variegatus were collected in the shore zones of Rehoboth and Indian River Bays of southern Delaware. The findings from a study of these collections serve as a basis for this paper in terms of the distribution of the species in the study area, age and growth patterns, reproduction and spawning, and food and feeding habits. C. variegatus seems to be a permanent resident of the shalow brackish waters (0-5.0 ft.) of southern Delaware occurring in salinities which varied from 14.25 to 31.27 0/00 and water temperatures of 2-33 degrees Celsius.

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