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Southeast Florida cross-sectional conceptual diagrams of the coastal marine ecosystem

Author(s): Nuttle, W.K.; P.J. Fletcher (eds.)


Name of Publisher: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Place of Publication: Miami, Florida

Publication Type: Art Work

Journal Title: NOAA Technical Memoranda

Date of Publication: 2013

Reference Information: Technical Memorandum OAR-AOML-103; NOS-NCCOS-163

Extent of Work: Pages 13-14

Keywords: MARES; Southeast Florida; South Florida; human dimensions

Abstract: MARES (Marine and Estuarine Goal Setting for South Florida) project conceptual diagrams depict focal ecosystem components on the Southeast Florida coastal marine ecosystem, the processes operating on it, and the factors affecting its condition. For Southeast Florida, two separate diagrams were developed, one with a cross-sectional view and the other with a bird's eye view. These diagrams are excerpted from NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR-AOML-103 and NOS-NCCOS-163: "Integrated Conceptual Ecosystem Model Development for the Southeast Florida Coastal Marine Ecosystem."

Availability: Available from the NCCOS Publications Explorer and MARES

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