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Publication Details

Drivers and Pressures Identified for the South Florida Coastal Marine Ecosystem

Author(s): Nuttle, William; Grace Johns; Donna Lee


Place of Publication: Miami, Fla.

Publication Type: Report

Date of Publication: 2011

Reference Information: MARES Whitepaper

Extent of Work: 10 pp.

Keywords: drivers; pressures; MARES, South Florida

Abstract: This whitepaper defines the terms Driver and Pressure and identifies the sets of Drivers and Pressures used by the Marine and Estuarine Goal Setting for South Florida (MARES) project to describe the South Florida coastal marine ecosystem. This set may change during the course of the project and if so updates to this whitepaper will track these changes. This update incorporates the results of review and comments received beginning with the All PIs meeting in August 2011 and continued through a poll of the project membership conducted in September 2011. Drivers and Pressures comprise two of the five elements of the DPSER framework (driver-pressures-state-ecosystem services-response) we use to formulate integrated conceptual models of the South Florida coastal marine ecosystem.

Availability: Available form the MARES website ( and from

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