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Mission Report, A strategy to inventory, characterize, and monitor the marine region within and around the National Park and Monument boundaries of St. John, USVI, July 5 – July 18, 2010: A cooperative investigation between NOAA, National Park Service, US Geological Survey, Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources, University of Hawaii, and the Oceanic Institute

Author(s): NOAA/ National Ocean Service /National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science / Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment /Biogeography Branch

NCCOS Center: CCMA (

Name of Publisher: NOAA

Place of Publication: Silver Spring, MD USA

Publication Type: Report

Date of Publication: 2010

Reference Information:

Keywords: coral reef monitoring, research, strategy, St. John, USVI, ecosystem, 2010

Abstract: The intent of this field mission was to continue ongoing efforts: (1) to spatially characterize and monitor the distribution, abundance and size of both reef fishes and conch within and around the waters of the Virgin Islands National Park (VIIS) and newly established Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument (VICR), (2) to correlate this information to in-situ data collected on associated habitat parameters, (3) to use this information to establish the knowledge base necessary for enacting management decisions in a spatial setting and to establish the efficacy of those management decisions. The report highlights the successes of this mission.

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