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Ecosystem Services Provided by the South Florida Coastal Marine Ecosystem

Author(s): Johns, Grace; Chris Kelble; Donna Lee; Vernon R. (Bob) Leeworthy; William Nuttle


Place of Publication: Miami, Fla.

Publication Type: Report

Date of Publication: 2013

Reference Information: MARES Whitepaper

Extent of Work: 35 pp.

Keywords: MARES; ecosystem services; South Florida; integrated conceptual ecosystem models

Abstract: This whitepaper identifies the ecosystem services provided by the south Florida coastal marine ecosystem and reviews some methods for evaluating these services. The list of ecosystem services used by the Marine and Estuarine Goal Setting for South Florida (MARES) project continues to evolve. Ecosystem services were first identified in workshops held to develop integrated conceptual ecosystem models (ICEM). Results of these workshops are documented in a set of technical reports now in preparation by NOAA. Subsequently, the list was revised for application in a workshop held jointly with Everglades National Park in August 2012. The list of ecosystem services presented here reflects further refinement in connection with preparation of a publication on the MARES project.

Availability: Available from the MARES website ( and from

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