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Student Presentation: Modeling seabird group size: implications for ecological impact asssessment

Author(s): Rypkema, D., E. Zipkin, A. O’Connell, A. Sussman, M. Wimer (Rypkena mentor: Brian Kinlan)

NCCOS Center: CCMA (

Center Team: Biogeography

Name of Publisher: NOAA

Place of Publication: Silver Spring, MD

Publication Type: Presentation

Date of Publication: 2012

Reference Information:

Keywords: seabird, Modeling seabird group size, ecological impact asssessment, avian model, seabird group size model

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to model seabird flock size data to provide recommendations to the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management for offshore wind turbine placement. Our hypothesis is that ecological characteristics influence which statistical distribution will provide the best fit to seabird flock size data. To test this, seabird species can be grouped based on shared ecological traits, such as foraging mechanism or diet.

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